Thomas E. Sabalaske DO
1. Forward Leg Lift

2. Backward Leg Lift  

3. Quadriceps Femoris stretch

4. Piriformis stretch

5. Balance exercise

6. Doorway stretch

7. Upper back strengthening

8. Carpal tunnel stretch

9. Plantar fascia stretch

10. 8 Minute Abs - link to YouTube's online display of the
abdominal workout.  The one exercise you should skip in this
program is the "leg pushes" which may be hard on some backs.  
Replace "leg push" exercise with another set of reverse crunches.
These exercise videos are prescribed to
patients on an individual basis and a
password is required to prevent
non-patients from injuring themselves doing
them in an incorrect manner.  
Enter the
password on your card with lower case
Please feel free to contact me for
more information or to request access.