Thomas E. Sabalaske DO
The Sacroiliac joints are one of the most important
areas to consider when working with almost any
musculoskeletal issue.  The SI joint is composed
of the articulation of the pelvis bone (innominate
or ilium) to the "tail" bone (sacrum).  The ligaments
of the SI joints are some of the strongest in the
entire body and support the weight of your torso,
head and arms. They maintain wonderful mobility
throughout a lifetime, allowing the pelvis to fluidly
move along with leg movements, but also act as
a shock absorber throughout the gait cycle.  

When the SI joints get stuck and do not move as they are supposed to, there is
less shock absorption and more jarring forces on the lumbar spine.  The muscles
surrounding the joint then stretch asymmetrically and work inefficiently, creating an
unleveling of the pelvis that can cause dysfunctions in the upper torso, back and
neck.  Correction involves softening the ligaments with manipulation, straightening
out the joints using various non-cracking techniques, and then educating the
patient on how to balance the musculature to keep the joint healthy after the visit.
SI Joint
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