Thomas E. Sabalaske DO
As important as it is to get good treatment for biomechanical problems, it
is equally important to avoid negative behaviors at home and work that can
perpetuate the problem you are having.  The most important concept here
is to think about your body positioning during activities and make sure what
you are doing is safe, balanced, and not worsening any present conditions.

Improper desk and computer ergonomics are often a main cause of
neck/back pain, arm pains, or headaches.  There are many situations to
take into account when considering your workstation ergonomics that can
be reviewed
here online through the CDC.  OSHA has a very basic site with
some nice graphics on the subject
here for another perspective.  Be
particularly careful with laptop computers.  Because of their compact size
people tend to use them in a hunched over posture in locations that do not
provide good support.  

Bending over and lifting heavy objects both at home and work is another
common situation in which people injure themselves.  One should always
keep a straight back when lifting objects from a lower level and allow the
legs and butt muscles to do most of the work.  Refrain from lifting things
that are too heavy or poorly balanced.

Having good supportive chairs, mattresses/pillows and footwear are also
important factors to consider.